In order to get unique holiday gift ideas for your boss, you need not spend much money. Rather, it is the amount of time and consideration that you put in while choosing the gift that matters the most.

You can also suggest your colleagues to chip in so that you all can get an awesome gift for your boss for the holiday season.

This way, you can brainstorm various gift ideas and get a decent present for boss without going overboard on your budget.

Holiday gift ideas for your boss

  • You can present adorable holiday themed decoration items to your boss for the holiday season.

    Holiday gift ideas for boss

  • Gift baskets consisting of baked goodies, chocolates or gourmet tea/coffee along with treats are worth considering. Before giving chocolates, though, make sure your superior does not hate chocolates.
  • Stunning gadget accessories make outstanding holiday gifts for boss. If your co-workers have also chipped in then you can consider gifting a gadget like Kindle Fire. Alternatively, how about gifting your boss a couple of tickets to his favorite sports event or concert?
  • In case your boss has a charitable predisposition, you can make a donation to a charitable organization in his or her name.
  • A pair of leather gloves is considered as an excellent holiday gift idea for your boss. In case you have a female boss, consider getting her a cozy cashmere scarf.
  • Search for unique and interesting calendars. Calendar is a common Christmas or holiday gift. Thus, you can look for calendars incorporating innovative ideas.
  • If your boss loves plants, you can get a potted Bonsai plant for him or her. A boss who is fond of Sudoku game would surely be delighted to receive an electronic Sudoku machine.

    Holiday gift ideas for boss

    You can find one such handheld Sudoku game at on Amazon at a price of $9.19. The idea, here, is to observe your supervisor or manager’s hobbies and interests to help you find the perfect gift.

  • You can also consider office toys like Zig Zag Drops Liquid Motion Desk Toy (available at Amazon for $8). Besides, you can get stress ball assortment, office pet toys or kinetic perpetual motion sculptures for a busy yet jovial boss.
  • In case you are simply out of ideas and cannot find anything worthwhile to gift to your boss, you can get him or her, a lovely card and write a meaningful message on it to express your greetings and gratitude.
  • Certain other holiday gift ideas for your boss are gift cards to his or her favorite store, spa gift certificate, sports accessories, a book relating to his or her field of work, gourmet candles, personalized business card case, wallet and key chain, a stylish executive pen, digital photo frame, and so on.