Funny gift ideas for boss work best when you know that your boss truly has a good sense of humor. Plus, when choosing the gift, you can either look for crazy gifts to make him or her laugh heartily and break the ice or go for items that work as great stress relievers.

As getting a funny present for your superior is a dicey idea, try to get an interesting gift without burning a hole in your pocket. Needless to say, be prepared to handle the situation in case it does not turn out the way you expected.

“By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.”
- Robert Frost

Funny gift ideas for boss

Funny Gift Ideas for Boss

  • You can try gag gifts like Virtual Yes Man software that includes comic flattery for your boss.
  • Unusual desk accessories such as fun desk clock, humorous notepad, sarcastic post-it notes, frog tape dispenser, snail tape dispenser, or just a funny boss card work as entertaining gifts.
  • Giving a Dead Fred Pen Holder is a pretty unique and unusual boss gift idea. This eye-catching silicone rubber toy (shown below) is an amazing and comic pen holder through which your manager can relieve stress and frustration by stabbing Fred through the heart. You can get this product from Amazon at a price of $9.85.

    Funny gift ideas for boss

  • Opting for custom caricature gifts or is another funny gift idea for boss. You may also consider a custom bobble head that looks just like your boss.
  • Personalized stuffed animals and funny T-shirts, too, serve as humorous boss gifts. Besides, you can simply present a personalized coffee mug or a plaque with a witty quote or hilarious one-liner.
  • You can find a variety of stress balls that you can gift to your boss. These colorful balls are usually prepared from Polyurethane foam rubber, and help relieve stress when squeezed tightly. Plus, this gift would be easy on your pocket.
  • Instant Excuse Ball carrying about 20 amusing excuses in another hilarious boss gift. It shall cost around $8.80 instead of $9.99 at You can also consider Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy pad, again from Amazon at a price of $7.41.

    Safe paperweight funny gift ideas for boss

  • You can apply ingenious ideas for customized mouse pads to make them humorous. Besides, you can go through a number of clever paperweights to choose the one that your boss would find interesting as a gift. For instance, you can consider the “Safe” paperweight (shown above) from UncommonGoods priced at $42.
  • Funny gift ideas for your boss may also include office toys like Newton’s Cradle, Dartboard Decision Maker, Galileo Thermometer, Desktop Water Fountain, Original Buddha Board that requires painting with water and the image vanishes as the water evaporates (you can find it at Amazon; price $28 instead of $32.95), etc.

When thinking of funny gift ideas for boss, do take his or her personality into consideration in order to avoid gifts that may seem offensive. The sort of relationship that you share with your boss also matters. In addition, it is suggested to get gag gifts only if you are sure that your boss would take it in good humor.