When looking for birthday gift ideas for boss, you must be thinking about unique and creative gifts that would make your boss feel special on this special occasion.

The best way to come up with an ideal gift for your boss is to analyze his or her tastes and interests to get hints on the sort of gifts that your superior is likely to appreciate.

However, go for simple and formal gifts. Plus, keep your boss’s age and gender in mind in order to avoid awkward gifts. Besides, you can use a nice message or quote on the card.

In the soft gleaming of stars
May all your dreams come true
May the best of your past be the worst of your future
Happy Birthday Boss

Birthday gift ideas for boss

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boss

  • Simply presenting a beautiful card with a meaningful message and your sincere wishes is the safest birthday gift idea for your boss. In addition, include your co-workers in a plan to organize a surprise birthday party for him or her in the office.
  • Gift baskets filled with gourmet meal, chocolates, baked goodies, etc. make excellent boss birthday gifts. In case your manager or boss likes tea or coffee then you can get him or her, a tea/coffee gift basket along with treats.
  • Those who share a good rapport with the boss can ponder over the idea of unusual or funny gifts. Nevertheless, it is usually better to avoid gag gifts, unless you are sure that your boss would take it in good humor.

    Birthday gift idea for boss

  • Movie buff bosses would surely love to receive a gift of movie tickets for boss and his/her or her life partner. If he is fond of sports, get him tickets to his favorite sporting event. Besides, you can get an electronic golf scoring system for a boss, who likes playing golf.
  • Subscription to a magazine associated with his or her interest or hobby is a creative birthday gift idea for a male as well as female boss. Presenting a book related to your boss’s field of work or hobby is another thoughtful boss gift idea.
  • You can consider gifting stress ball assortment to your superior on his or her birthday. As the name suggests, these balls help relieve stress.

    Birthday gift ideas for boss

  • If your boss loves plants, you can also gift an elegant Bonsai plant to him or her.
  • Presenting a gift card to his or her favorite restaurant is another widely used birthday gift idea for boss. You may consider a gift certificate to a store of your boss’s choice.
  • If it is a group gift, you can get him or her, a customized T-shirt or even accessories. Alternatively, you can look for a smart silk tie for a male boss or a lovely scarf for your female boss. However, it is suggested to avoid these items as far as possible.

    Birthday gift ideas for boss

  • Desk accessories like an engraved leather bound journal, a fabulous desk clock, fancy paperweight, charming art piece for the table, etc. You may also consider a product called Executive Decision Maker (shown above). It is an interesting paperweight available at Amazon at a price of $18.
  • In cases where the boss is male, you can look for cool gadgets or office toys. For female bosses can be given perfumes, spa gift baskets or designer bags.
  • Other popular birthday gift ideas for your boss include stylish pen set, a mug warmer, self-stirring  mug, digital photo frame, decorative item, executive puzzle cube, personalized leather briefcase, world’s best boss sign, impressive business card holder, personalized flash drive, and so on.

Birthday gift ideas for boss

While gaining inspiration from numerous birthday gift ideas for boss, try to think of a present that could make him or her feel uncomfortable. Thus, stay away from highly personal gifts.

Moreover, check with the HR department beforehand to make sure you are not going against the company’s gift giving policies.