Boss Gift Ideas
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Finding good boss gift ideas that work is a daunting task because in most firms, giving gifts to a boss is not considered appropriate. Moreover, there is the risk of this gesture being interpreted as a kind of bribery or a means to impress your superior.

Hence, it is usually suggested to give group gifts to bosses. When giving an individual gift, though, better keep it within the price range of $5 to $50, in general. The gift should not be too personal. Avoid gag gifts, too. Needless to say, cash is a big no-no in this regard.

Plus, remember that good bosses do not really expect gifts and favors from their employees. However, if you are still keen on getting a pleasing gift for your boss (hopefully, without expecting anything in return), here’s some help.

Boss gift ideas

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Gift Ideas For Boss & Wife
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Ideally, gift ideas for boss & wife lay emphasis on gifts that they can enjoy together. You can either get a suitable gift individually, or encourage your colleagues to chip in so that all of you can get an awesome gift for the couple.

In order to think of an incredible gift though, you will have to spend some time studying your boss and his wife’s hobbies and interests to help you find the perfect gift. After all, “The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.”

Gift ideas for boss & wife

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Birthday Gift Ideas For Boss
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When looking for birthday gift ideas for boss, you must be thinking about unique and creative gifts that would make your boss feel special on this special occasion.

The best way to come up with an ideal gift for your boss is to analyze his or her tastes and interests to get hints on the sort of gifts that your superior is likely to appreciate.

However, go for simple and formal gifts. Plus, keep your boss’s age and gender in mind in order to avoid awkward gifts. Besides, you can use a nice message or quote on the card.

In the soft gleaming of stars
May all your dreams come true
May the best of your past be the worst of your future
Happy Birthday Boss

Birthday gift ideas for boss

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Funny Gift Ideas For Boss
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Funny gift ideas for boss work best when you know that your boss truly has a good sense of humor. Plus, when choosing the gift, you can either look for crazy gifts to make him or her laugh heartily and break the ice or go for items that work as great stress relievers.

As getting a funny present for your superior is a dicey idea, try to get an interesting gift without burning a hole in your pocket. Needless to say, be prepared to handle the situation in case it does not turn out the way you expected.

“By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.”
- Robert Frost

Funny gift ideas for boss

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Farewell Gift Ideas For Boss
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Thoughtful farewell gift ideas for boss express your appreciation and gratitude for your superior. It is usually considered better to get a memorable parting gift for your boss’s farewell.

In addition, you can write a meaningful and heartfelt message on the gift to convey how much you are obliged to your boss for his or her support and encouragement that helped you grow in your career. If words fail you at this time then you can use quotes like:

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here’s a happy one for you.
- Dale Evans

Farewell gift ideas for boss

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Boss
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In order to get unique holiday gift ideas for your boss, you need not spend much money. Rather, it is the amount of time and consideration that you put in while choosing the gift that matters the most.

You can also suggest your colleagues to chip in so that you all can get an awesome gift for your boss for the holiday season.

This way, you can brainstorm various gift ideas and get a decent present for boss without going overboard on your budget.

Holiday gift ideas for your boss

  • You can present adorable holiday themed decoration items to your boss for the holiday season.

    Holiday gift ideas for boss

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Corporate Gift Ideas
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It is often hard to come up with unique corporate gift ideas for clients because you do not have much information about their personal life or their tastes and preferences. So, you will have to look closer into your clients’ details to determine appropriate business gifts for them.

Moreover, it is suggested to go for good-quality items and make sure that the gift is packaged and wrapped elegantly. It is better to add a hand-written note or card as well.

Plus, check the gift-giving policies of your client’s company beforehand. Needless to say, study the recipient’s cultural background and etiquettes associated with gifts so that you do not make any embarrassing mistake.

Corporate gift ideas

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Creative Gift Ideas for Boss
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If you have been giving gifts to your boss since quite a while and are now out of ideas then you need to explore some creative gift ideas for your boss.

By going through these innovative ideas you can come up with a nice gift for your boss to show how much you admire him for all his or her help, support and understanding.

Moreover, you can write inspiring quotes or sayings on the gift card along with a thoughtful message.
“Your example is far more influential and inspiring than any words of instruction, or threats, or even words of encouragement.”
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Creative gift ideas for boss

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Female Boss Gift Ideas
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Chocolate is perhaps one of the best female boss gift ideas that just can’t go wrong (unless your boss is not a chocoholic). In case you are not interested in giving chocolates then still there are several other options to explore.

While choosing a gift for your female boss, though, try to gather sufficient knowledge about her tastes and interests so that you can find a suitable gift her that does not make either of you feel awkward. Needless to say, the gift should not be too personal. In addition, avoid cosmetics.

Female Boss Gift Ideas

  • Take your female boss’s personality into consideration and then get a gift accordingly. For instance, if you observe that she likes to carry tote bags then gift her beautiful designer tote.

    Female boss gift ideas

    It is better to involve other co-workers as well. This way, the cost of the gift would not be a burden on your pocket and it would not be embarrassing, especially when you are a male employee.

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Male Boss Gift Ideas
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Male boss gift ideas can include items associated with a variety of categories such as sports, gadgets, accessories, movie passes for the family, neckties, etc. So, the perfect gift for your male boss is something that suits his personality best.

Nevertheless, while choosing a gift for your male boss, try not to select a highly personal present like clothing. When giving a group gift, however, you can get him items like business apparel or a custom T-shirt. While giving generic gifts, though, try to avoid articles that he might not use.

Male boss gift ideas

  • • Men are usually fond of electronic gadgets. Thus, you can select gifts such as iPod, MP3 player, Kindle Fire, travel gadgets, etc. As these articles tend to be high in price, you can include your co-workers as well so that you can buy a group gift.Male boss gift ideas

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